Hello , Ubuntu lovers…,

Yesterday Our team held Ubuntu-MM 1212 ( goodbye2012)  events @ work4U603338_10200154222647520_120727795_n

also known as where we hang out,  meeting , chatting and many many more….

@5:00pm- I try to help how to install ubuntu 12.04 LTS and giving some bulls**t to attendences .After that I introduced to our Team Leader Ko Ko Ye, Tho Hi, Ethan Kurt and Ye Thu Soe.

@5:45pm  – Our team leader start explain about……….

Ubuntu 12.10 Installation using and 13.04 Alpha Introduce.

DVD Distribution, Handbook Distribution, (free and freedom)

Become Ubuntu User, Bug Reporter, Translator, Developer with LoCo Team

@ 7:15 pm Ethan Kurt introducing about Ubuntu 12.10  installation and explain about our loco community how we help to ppl @ facebook and launchpad.

@7:40 pm our team leader say thank you to all and say goodbye and see you tommorrow .

P.s…Special thanks to Mr. Thohi who buying chair for attendences and Mr Ye Thu Soe who go and take projector. And thank you all of my Ubuntu Lovers…

with best wishes………mhwar…mhwar…..mhwar…..

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