how to update, install and upgrade in Ubuntu Terminal ?

sudo bash
apt-get update && \
apt-get –yes –force-yes upgrade && \
apt-get –yes –force-yes install “several packages” && \
apt-get autoclean && poweroff


1)sudo bash
သာမန္ sudo နဲ႔ သုံးတဲ့အခါ update နဲ႔ upgrade လုပ္ေနတာ ၾကာသြားရင္ password ျပန္ေတာင္းပါလိမ့္မည္။

ဒီအတြက္ sudo bash ဆိုရင္ ထပ္မေတာင္းေတာ့ပါ ။

2)–yes –force-yes

ဒီအတိုင္းဆိုရင္ တစ္ခ်ိဳ႔ေဆာ့ဝဲေတြမွာ
A) ppa မဟုတ္လို႔ သို႔မဟုတ္ gpg key မထည့္ထားလို႔ စိတ္မခ်ရလို႔ ဆိုၿပီး အတည္ထပ္ျပဳခိုင္းဖို႔ Y ကို ထပ္ႏွိပ္ခိုင္းတတ္ပါသည္ ။
B) Close Source / EULA ျဖစ္ေနလို႔ တကယ္သြင္းမလား ထပ္ေမးၿပီး Yes ႏွိပ္ဖို႔ လိုပါလိမ့္မည္ ။
ဒါေတြအကုန္လုံးကို တခါတည္း မေမးေအာင္ –yes –force-yes သုံးပါသည္ ။

credit : Ko Ko Ye

အေသးစိတ္ command ေတြအလုပ္လုပ္ ပုံကို သိခ်င္ရင္ တြင္ command ရိုက္၍ေလ့လာႏိိုင္ပါသည္ ။




his is Chit Ko Ko Win from Myanmar (Burma) . I start learning redhat Linux in 2010 because of lazy in MS but can't used as well as Ubuntu . After meet with Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team , I migrated to Ubuntu Operating system and I joined with LoCo Team . Reading , Learning and Helping to Team when we go all around the country . Most of the time I spend in community .Later ,I try to help people in facebook group after that I know that they just need localization . That'why I start wrote some articles for our people our language and training Ubuntu at Info Myanmar Computer Services .

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