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This is Chit Ko Ko Win . I ‘d like to say about how to become Ubuntu user.  In 2011 , I read more about It and ICT news. One thing I love to read in MONDAY is INTERNET journal . One day ,I say the advertising about Ubuntu OS installation weeks@ Target Internet cafe in Internet journal . So I went to Target Internet Cafe and show my poor laptop ( Fujitsu mobile  Intel® Pentium® processor _512Mb,40Gb). I saw the guy who chewing betel leaf also known as Kyaw Zay Thu and one small guy is sitting at Cash counter who helping to me a lot and also known as Bone Pyae Sone. BONE BONE help me to installed ubuntu 11.04 OS into my laptop. When we try to install , Kyaw Zay Thu arrived and shared me how how how and I  go back to home and start to using  Ubuntu OS dual boot with Windows pirate . OMG, I can’t see myanmar fonts and can’t write also. That’s why  I  go to Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Facebook Page. Ask to them bla bla bla, the give mw and read  about how to install myanmar fonts in ubuntu using ibus…blablabla. Special thanks to Ko Ko Ye and Naing Ye Minn .By the way on that time I don’t know who is Ko Ko Ye . After next week from Ubuntu installation  I attend to Ubuntu beginner Class @ Myo Myanmar Internet cafe. On that time I saw Ko Ko Ye who worked for Ubuntu .After that weeks I try to used Ubuntu in my poor laptop and 3weeks later I got next Netbook in my hand (Acer Aspire One ZgOne_Ram1Gb, 120Gb-HDD). On that time I Used dual boots with Windows .Next installation was Ubuntu 11.10 and on that time in my Netbook  only Ubuntu until Right now. I love Ubuntu  and join with Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and helping to each other.

With best wishes all

Chit Ko Ko Win

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