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Ubuntu Customization Guide


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How to customize your Ubuntu? It’s very easy.

Let’s get started.

In this doucments, I’m showing you how to use remastersys

(Software used for Ubuntu customization).

There are many packages for Ubuntu customization.

So, Install remastersys on your Ubuntu which you want to customize.

Remastersys Installation

1.First,download gpg key.

(wget -O – http://www.remastersys.com/Ubuntu/remastersys.gpg.key | apt-key add -)

2.Edit Source file.

(sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list)

3.Add the following line to that file.

#Remastersys Precise

deb http://www.remastersys.com/Ubuntu precise main

4.Now Open terminal and type these commands.

Sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install remastersys remastersys-gui.

Okay.You’ve successfully installed remastersys.

Let’s open it.













This is the first interface you see when you open remastersys.

In this guide,i explain about only Backup and Dist Function in Remastersys. The remaining things are out of this scope.(Distcdfs and Distiso)

Backup-When you use this function,it will give you your customized Ubuntu ISO,which also contain your user data,user settings and your downloaded data in your home and even the browser cache.

So,this is good when you want to backup your

currently used Ubutnu OS.

Dist– This function give you a perfect customized ISO which will not contain your information and data.

So,this is good to make a distributable ISO to share with your friends.

Now,let’s install the software and customize Ubuntu.As a example, install these softwares and you should produce your first customized Ubuntu ISO πŸ˜›

sudo apt-get install ubutnu-restricted-extras

sudo apt-get install vlc

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool etc……

and install packages you want to.

Now,I assume that you’ve already installed the software you need,customized your Ubuntu GUI

Interface,change background,boot menu,splash screen etc…., and totally completed your Ubuntu OS as you like.

Now, it’s the time to use Remastersys.












You must change your remastersys settings berfore you produce the ISO.

So change the settings as you like.

Now all you need to do is click Dist button.

And then,watch the statistics in Output tab.

After a few time,there must be your customized

ISO in the working directory πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This is the time you should test the ISO.


Ubuntu Installer Slideshow Customization

The defaut Installer slideshow is located in


In the slides folder,there are default installer html files.

You can change these HTML files as you like and save the settings.

Now,test the installer slideshow you change with slideshow.py script.

Type this commands to test the change.

Sudo chmod +x slideshow.py

./slideshow.py –path=/usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow

If you don’t have slideshow.py script,download


Another way to customize Ubuntu Installer Slideshow is available on this link.


Change Default Desktop Background

1.Place your background that you want to change in the following path.


2.Now open the following file with text editor

(/usr/share/gnome-background- properties/Ubuntu-wallpapers.xml)

3.Edit the following lines.


4.And then also edit the following file.

Sudo nano /var/lib/gconf/debian.defaults /%gconf-tree.xml

5.Change the following line.


Change Default Login Background and Theme Settings

1.Edit the following file. /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas /com.canonical.unity-greeter.gschema.xml

2.Change this line.

<key name=”background” type=”s”> <default>’/usr/share/backgrounds/your_background.jpg‘</default>

3.Now let’s change the theme and icon-theme.

Edit this line.

<key name=”theme-name” type=”s”>


You can replace your desirable theme-name.

And then,change icon-theme name.

<key name=”icon-theme-name” type=”s”>


(Bold letters are the words you must replace with your desirable theme name.)

4.Let’s go to edit another file to change your Ubuntu theme settings.

(sudo nano /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas/10_Ubuntu-settings.gschema.override )




5.And then type this command to compile schemas.

sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas.

Change Default Dash Logo

1.Go to /usr/shar/unity/icons

2.Back up the original logo.

(sudo mv launcher_bfb.png launcher_bfb.png.backup)

launcher_bfb.png is defautl Dash Logo name.

3.Copy Your logo inside /usr/shar/unity/icons and rename your logo name to default Dash logo name(i.e:your_logo_name.png—> launcher_bfb.png)

4.Give it read permission.

(sudo chmod a+r /usr/share/unity/icons/laucher_bfb.png)

5.Logout and log in again.

And then it should be changed.


*******************************Thank you all who make Ubuntu UIT and this guide *********************************


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